Humour in self-translation

images/2022-H in self translation043.jpgMargherita Dore (ed.),Humour in self-translation. Amsterdam, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2022, 278p., 99€.


mot-clé: multilinguisme, traduction


This book explores an important aspect of human existence: humor in self-translation, a virtually unexplored area of research in Humour Studies and Translation Studies. Of the select group of international scholars contributing to this volume some examine literary texts from different perspectives (sociological, philosophical, or post-colonial)

while others explore texts in more extraneous fields such as standup comedy or language learning. This book sheds light on how humour in self-translation induces thoughts on social issues, challenges stereotypes, contributes to recast individuals in novel forms of identity and facilitates reflections on our own sense of humour. This accessible and engaging volume is of interest to advanced students of Humour Studies and Translation Studies.

Margherita Dore
| pp. 1–12

Chapter 2. Mockery and poetic satire: Humor in self-translated Philippine protest poetry
Thomas David F. Chaves | pp. 15–40
Chapter 3. Punning herself: Nancy Huston’s puns in two self-translated novels
Marlisa A. Richters | pp. 41–62
Chapter 4. From traduttore, traditore to traduttore, creatore : Creative subversion in the self-translations of Ha Jin and Pai Hsien-yung, Ursula Deser Friedman | pp. 63–86
Chapter 5. “Humourizing” the theatre of the absurd through reworking and (self-)translation: Turkish theatrical tradition in search of its own voice
Başak Ergil | pp. 87–112
Chapter 6. Humour, language variation and self-translation in stand-up comedy
Margherita Dore | pp. 113–140
Chapter 7. Humour and self-interpreting in the media: The communicative ethos and the authenticity contract in late-night shows
Pedro Jesús Castillo Ortiz | pp. 141–176

Chapter 8. iTranslate or iWrite? A case study of Yoneyama Hiroko’s picture book self-translation
Anna Sasaki | pp. 179–194
Chapter 9. Lost and found in humour self-translation: Difficulty to realization, distance to re-creation
Tomoko Takahashi | pp. 195–214
Chapter 10. How funny am I? Humour, self-translation and translation of the self
Paul Venzo and David Petkovic | pp. 215–232
Chapter 11. Multimodal strategies of creation and self-translation of humorous discourse in image-macro memes
Pietro Luigi Iaia | pp. 233–254
Chapter 12. Second thoughts about second versions: Self-translation and humour
Rainier Grutman | pp. 257–274
Index | p. 275



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