Interactional Humor

images/2018_interactional Humor_300.jpgVilly Tsakona and Jan Chovanec (ed.), The Dynamics of Interactional Humor. Creating and negotiating Humor in everyday encounters. Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2018, 316p.


mot-clé : socio-linguistique, bilinguisme, média, analyse de discours.


Dans la collection Topics in Humor Research, ce n°7 analyse les constructions de diverses formes d'humour dans les interactions sociales selon leur expression orale, écrite ou médiatisée. Les auteurs de différentes nationalités (Grèce, République tchèque, Grande-Bretagne, Pologne, Turquie, Suisse, Etats-Unis, Russie, Espagne) confrontent des approches méthodologiques diverses sur des réalités qu'internet laisserait à tort penser qu'elles sont uniformisées. 


Présentation de l'éditeur :

This book deals with the construction of diverse forms of humor in everyday oral, written, and mediatized interactions. It sheds light on the differences and, most importantly, the similarities in the production of interactional humor in face-to-face and various technology-mediated forms of communication, including scripted and non-scripted situations. The chapters analyze humor-related issues in such genres as spontaneous conversations, broadcast dialogues, storytelling, media blogs, bilingual conversations, stand-up comedy, TV documentaries, drama series, family sitcoms, Facebook posts, and internet memes. The individual authors trace how speakers collaboratively circulate, reconstruct, and (re)frame either personal or public accounts of reality, aiming –among other things– to produce and/or reproduce humor. Rather than being “finished” products with a “single” interpretation, humorous texts are thus approached as dynamic communicative events that give rise to diverse interpretations and meanings. The book draws on a variety of up-to-date approaches and methodologies, and will appeal to scholars in discourse analysis, conversation analysis, interactional sociolinguistics, pragmatics, ethnography of communication, and social semiotics.